Photography is an essential component to advertising, marketing and successfully attracting your business to potential clients. People rely on photographs when looking for ideas or choosing which business to partner with. A photograph tells a story or an outline for what’s to come. This is exactly what you will get when working with Craig Stidham Photography. Craig Stidham is an esteemed Texas photographer providing fashion, executive photography, corporate photos, commercial head shots, realtor photography, professional portraits and PR photography. With over 20 years of professional photography experience in the photography industry and a desire to offer his clients fresh, creative and innovative photographs, you can’t go wrong with choosing Craig Stidham Photography.


Craig Stidham enjoys working with businesses and agencies that need to showcase products or photograph the people who make the business what it is. With his photographic style, Craig captures the beauty and essence of the model, eliminating the distractions of background scenery. This is essential for corporate photos, commercial head shots, modeling portraits and head shots and PR photography. Craig Stidham has extended His services to Lubbock, Texas. Quality and dedication to showcasing a client’s vision is what makes Craig Stidham Photography a great choice for your Amarillo, Lubbock and Plainview, Texas needs. For more information about the photography services, please feel free to browse through the website.

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