"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

1 on 1 Workshop - Just that.  Just You, Me, My Team* and Models in the field for 2 days !

Ansel Adams introduced the idea of previsualization into the photographer's lexicon; a term he used to label the importance of imagining, in your mind's eye, what you - as a "photographer"

I would like to welcome you to a whole other world of photography, ’cause you are going to start taking pictures you can’t see with your eyes.  I will help teach you the ways in which only your camera is capable of capturing the magic your creativity can see.

You can only do so much with ambient light. Don’t get me wrong, available light has its place in the world of photography but this is where lighting steps in.  A long time ago I learned the truth to lighting, were the only differences between studio lighting and “studio” lighting outside or known better today as Off camera flash, is simply the recycle time.

Lighting gives you options, by taking control of the shooting situation by controlling and creating the environment to yield an amazing photograph.

This workshop is all about creative lighting. You will learn the in’s & outs of the lighting tools I use today. You’ll be schooled in light properties, modifications, and placements to create light to adaptively capture the pictures you see in your mind.

This course is extremely hands-on. You’ll be shooting alongside Me using Bowens lighting equipment. I will give you guidance, and go through several location shooting scenarios while creating moods and styles. The best way for you to retain all this information is by doing, and that is exactly what you’ll experience in this workshop.  By the afternoon You will trade places with me and you will become the Art Director, Your turn to pick the location, mood and style of the shoot.

Class Content:

  • The science behind the flash exposure
  • All of the various lighting gear pieces and what they do – from stands to triggers to modifiers
  • Working and posing clients with lighting
  • Studio and on-location shooting experience
  • Troubleshooting lighting hurdles

    And more…

Workshop Schedule

Day One:  All day in the Field with 1 or 2 models, simply creating images. 

Day Two:  Is totally up to you.  Would you like to shoot in the field or in studio? If you would rather we could talk about sales and marketing.  Either way the choose is yours to make.

This is a full, two-day workshop. At the end, you’ll have the knowledge and working experience with lighting to immediately integrate it into your skill set with paying clients. Currently this workshop is priced at $1800.

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